Ink Paintings

These pieces were a break from the stress of the world, a personal retreat from pressing freelance work. I really love both high art and illustration, and I really feel like both loved accidentally came through, seamlessly blending together in single-line style, inviting the viewer to enter a place of tranquility, introspection, and maternal self-care.

You can purchase prints of these pieces here, as well as a t shirt of the third design, "Palm".

Octopus Murals

Murals have always fascinated me, and Octopuses were the flavor of May 2018. To hint at my desire to create murals, as well as to stretch my skills in Photoshop, I produced 5 Octopus Mural mockups. The first set of photos, which features a yellow Dumbo octopus floating in space, became a real mural in a private residence.

The composition of all of these murals juxtaposes the complexity of octopuses with the simplicity of the most basic shape; circles. Each mural uses these two elements in expansive, breathable white space to become its own unique scene using the same 3 puzzle pieces.

If you would like to have any one of these murals exist in your business or residency, head to my contact info to shoot me an email.

Cool Girl

“Cool Girl” is a playful, tongue in cheek recognition of the current cool girl aesthetic, and the vapidness and beauty that comes with it. All pieces are made with acrylic paint applied directly behind the glass of antique picture frames. Intentionally pop-art in style, all of the pieces are tessellated together on a large wall. With this arrangement, they end up cohesively resembling the photo-arrangement algorithm of popular social media sites, melding together to wash the viewer with form and color.

You can purchase the Cool Girl Hoodie created with this series here.