Qara' Shem Founder and Director

Qara' Shem is a traveling art gallery that curates fine art by the Church for the Church.

To organize this movement, I created a website through Squarespace that features customized coded elements, such as the collapsable menus on the Q&A pages, and the embedded webplayers seen on the 2017 Tour page. I designed the logo by modifying a preexisting font in Adobe Illustrator in order to match the feel of the organization. I wrote all of the written copy on the website myself in order to thoroughly communicate the spirit of the mission.

After setting up the website as a touchpoint to communicate my vision, I reached out to artists, musicians, and writers, both over email and in person, and curated everyone's artistic works into an art gallery, a compilation album, and a zine, which I also designed for the event.

Here are some examples of spreads found in the zine:

The gallery toured to 3 different locations over the course of November; The Painted Door Church on November 3; Western Springs Baptist Church November 10; and Moody Bible Institute November 17. Each event was organized by me in cooperation with representatives at their respective locations, and featured food, drinks, and 12 unique pieces of art.

All printed material was created using Adobe InDesign CC 2015. All fine art displayed for Qara' Shem is owned by their respective artists.