Custom Illustrations

Created in the art style as required by the client, often used for promotional purposes or in-house productions.

De Molay Illustration

A single illustration created for an article educating boys ages 8-12 on the history of the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar.

Life of Christ Vignettes

12 chronological scenes from the life of Christ.

Created for The Painted Door church to decorate their sanctuary for lent and Easter of 2019. All 12 illustrations were blue for lent, all 12 illustrations were sherbet for Easter, and all illustrations were published as a coloring book for Pentecost Sunday.

Head over to Print Design to see images of the finalized coloring book.

Candlelight Carols Digital Backdrops

These 12 illustrations were done for Moody Bible Institute's Candlelight Carols, performed December 1-2 of 2017.

They were created as digital set pieces for 4 dramatic performances. Each illustration was displayed on 4 LED screens, all of which were 5'h x 4'w, and were viewed behind stage performers in front of a crowd of 1,000+ people.

This project was accomplished on a very tight schedule. After many edits and very thorough communication, I worked with the Stage Director and Event Producer to crank out the finished illustrations in a little over 3 weeks.

All illustrations were done in Adobe Photoshop CC.

Holy Land Moments Coloring Book Illustrations

6 of the 12 illustrations created for a coloring book produced for the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

I was initially hired by the non-profit to do the illustration work for this coloring book. After showing the team my skills in print layout, they also asked me to design both the interior and the cover of the coloring book. We worked together over the course of two months to perfect the final product, finalizing the illustrations in December 2016 and the layout in January 2017.