Thin Space Art Director

Thin Space is the Art and Theology Journal of Moody Bible Institute. As the Art Director of the second official volume, titled "Interlude", it was my responsibility to lead three graphic designers, collaborate with the Photography Director to get the images needed for the projects, and use all of these elements to create a cohesive magazine style with the approval of the Creative Director. 

In order to do this, I led weekly design team meetings to discuss each of our designs and go over our deadlines and upcoming goals, and held the designers under me accountable to each of their responsibilities. I also met with the other directors of the Thin Space staff on a weekly basis, where we would schedule our respective deadlines, organize deadline cohesion with the writing team, the business team, and the photography team, and report to the Creative Director on the teams' respective progress. We were also required to work with representatives of the publishing house Hemlock in order to make sure that our end product was created on time and tweaked to perfection.

By doing all of this, we successfully created Thin Space Vol. 2, released to the students of Moody Bible Institute April 2017. 

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