I'm Josie Koznarek. I'm a fine artist and creative mind based in Chicago, IL.

Finding the crossroads between high art and low art is an area of constant exploration for me. Both expressions benefit society and the creative community in their own unique ways, and hold equal sway in my artistic influences. Searching for the means to merge both fun and gravitas is a constant theme of my personal creations, and usually emerges in the form of bright colors, saturated blacks, big bold lines and soft geometry.

Walking down that path would be impossible without a strong foundation of professionalism, organization, and the unique ability to see both the broad picture and the smallest detail with equal clarity. That skillset doesn’t only interact with my artistic career, but also in the realm of graphic design, event planning and organization, and leadership and artistic management. Working on projects that allow for the collision of all of my strengths brings me an extreme amount of joy and artistic fulfillment.

I live in the Chicago neighborhood of East Garfield Park with my husband, David MacKay, and our cat, Snowball.