A Short Auto-Biography


Hi! I'm Josie Koznarek. I'm a fine artist based in Chicago, IL. My art style is bold, with deep blacks and saturated colors permeating my work. It's usually pretty flowy too.

Finding the crossroads between high art and low art is an area of constant exploration for me. Both artistic expressions are important to me and benefit society and the creative community in their own unique ways. Searching for the means to merge both fun and gravitas is a constant theme of my various personal creations; it’s up to you to see how well I did. 

I have also done graphic design work for a number of clients and companies. From logos to backdrops to book design, I've done it all. I even designed the website you're currently reading this bio on!

I live in the Chicago neighborhood of East Garfield Park with my husband, David MacKay, and our cat, Snowball.